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Pioneers in constructions field

Building Specialized Contracting CO

Building Specialized Construction Company was established in the year 1989 AD with regards to the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in establishing companies, and it was registered with the General Registration of Companies and the Union of Contractors.

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Serving large industrial projects.

Building Specialized Contracting CO - Building Construction

Building Construction

BSCC offers a comprehensive services of building constructions ranging from General Contracting and Construction Management services

Building Specialized Contracting CO - Earth and Road Works

Earth and Road Works

Providing multiple types of road works including services that vary from excavation, blading or piling of earth in connection with an engineering operation

Building Specialized Contracting CO - Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs

Ensuring buildings and assets retain a good appearance and facilities operate at optimum efficiency

Building Specialized Contracting CO - Equipment


We ensure providing the highest quality tools and heavy equipment

Building Specialized Contracting CO - Furnishing


BSCC provides furnishing services to accommodate with the constructed buildings, to prepare a full outstanding vision for your project

Building Specialized Contracting CO - Landscaping


Modifying visible features to enhance the appearance and improve its appealing to elements


Indicate efficiency, accuracy and proficiency.

Commitment to the predetermined and agreed upon time frame, in accordance with the contracts concluded with the project owners, to actively contribute the urgency of the companies status.

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Hadi M. D’bouk

I have built this company with a great ambition towards the future and vision 2030, and today I am proud of what we have accomplished. Our company has exceled its limitation and reached the high level; being one of the most successful construction companies in Saudi Arabia. All the efforts were built and led by a great leadership and a team that were always up for the challenge

Hadi M. D’bouk CEO